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About us


Earn Guaranteed Stable Profits.

BitHashClub Limited is a private online venture organization that has been lawfully enrolled in the United Kingdom in 2016. We have a group of merchants with a 5+ years of experience which are giving speculation administrations around the world. As a matter of first importance, we take a dependable way to deal with the decision of market with the sold supplier of liquidity. Our business sector specialists work with BTC, LTC, ETHEREUM and some other cryptocurrency on biggest world trades For Example- the BitFinex, Bittrex, Kraken, Poloniex and BitMex. After a critical fall of its value choose to incorporate a few sorts of cryptocurrency to our exchanging portfolio.
Our goal at BitHashClub Limited is to provide a comprehensive resource for our clients new to the market or with limited experience trading foreign currencies or interested in gold trade or stock market. What started out as a market for professionals is now attracting traders from all over the world, and of all experience levels and all because of online trading and investment.



Our investors money is our priority. We are required to take care of them and to take them to the highest stable profit.


Money is one important element. We have a secured system where your money is 100% guaranteed to be safe and protected.


Our company has developed unique GUI and is offering everyone to use a modern and protected online investing. We use secured CUSTOM script that ensures the security.

04.24/7 SUPPORT

BitHashClub Limited offers you the 24*7 online support system. You can contact our valuable them anytime. We are always happy to help you. Mail us on or join us in our telegram group for instant support



Our website is protected against DDoS attacks, it's scanned for malicious software and viruses security is protected by Comodo SSL.


Registration of the company in the UK is a reliabe guarantee of fulfillment of all obligations to investors from stable accurals to instant payments.


We provide investors with a unique array of features running on a solid technological base we have developed.


Making money from cryptotrading is our specialty and we have a professional team to work with you in this money making venture. Our team has experience about trading, cryptomining and other activites that are related and profitable.


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Digicert Guard Protection

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